Random grab bag

Here’s a few things I’ve been meaning to share, but I can’t really justify a post for each of them. So here we go, in no particular order:

My little sister has a job!

After finishing training to become a primary teacher last year, my sister just got her first teaching job! I travelled with her on Wednesday to go visit her new school. I didn’t see much of it because I went shopping while she had important stuff to do, but she was positive about it! She has a lot to do before she starts in a couple of weeks, including finding somewhere to live and setting up her classroom (which is completely empty at the moment).

She’s nervous about it, but I’m really excited for her. Teaching comes to her much more naturally than me, and she’s always known she would be a primary teacher, since she was in primary school herself (as oppossed to me who decided halfway through second year of uni). Also, she’s going to teach maths really well, partly because she’s good at maths herself, and partly because I’m not really going to give her a choice.

Maths shopping

As I mentioned above, I went shopping on Wednesday, and it was an opportunity to do something I call a “maths shop”. That is, I wander through shops looking at stuff, seeing if anything inspires any teaching ideas. I didn’t really really get any specific ideas this time, but I did buy some stuff under the vague notion that something might be useful eventually:

  • A couple of buckets. (Because really, when do you ever have too many buckets?)
  • A whole bunch of coloured electrical tape.
  • A roll of EFTPOS machine paper. (I have no idea why, but a really long strip of paper seems like something that might be useful for… something.)
  • A bunch of stationery supplies – my town’s only newsagency closed down a while back, so it’s often hard to get stuff. (I get a little crazy when I get the chance to buy stationery. It’s probably a good thing I don’t live anywhere near an Officeworks.)

I did also buy some non-teaching related stuff, but who really cares about that?

About page updated

So if you visited the about page for this blog before today, you would’ve only found three short bullet points (and the last one was just a stupid comment about how I couldn’t be bothered writing anything else). But now, it might actually be worth reading!

I’m slightly more important according to Google!

OK, I know I blog so I can improve as a teacher, not to become famous. But it would at least be a little nice if my blog could at least be found by googling it?

Well, if you google the prime factorisation of me now, this blog has reached the fourth page! It was on the seventh, so progress!

Honestly, I’ve always felt a little hard done by from Google. If you search for my name, you’ll find someone a lot more famous than me in the top spot (and his name isn’t even spelt the same as mine). At least Google doesn’t insist my name is spelt wrong like it used to.

I’m starting to ramble, so I’d better leave it here.