Continuous Probability Posters

Spring holidays continue to roll on. When you live in a town as small as mine you don’t get many opportunities to get shopping done, so today involved driving an hour and a bit away to do that.

I’ve already mentioned that some of my shopping habits can be a bit weird. I’ll buy anything as long as I can justify it by thinking “there might be a maths lesson with this somewhere.” Odd purchases today included lots of colours of play-dough, bathroom scales, shower curtain, pool noodles (I don’t have a pool) and party streamers. Hopefully you’ll eventually read blog posts about the lessons these half-baked ideas turn into – otherwise I’ve just been wasting my money.

I did get some actual useful stationery stuff too. Coloured whiteboard markers (good ones, too) on clearance! Woo!

And I did get Mum’s birthday present too. She sometimes reads this blog, so I’ll say no more about that.

Most expensive purchase: new lawnmower. Saying I don’t enjoy gardening would be the biggest understatement of the year, but it’s still got to be done. I already owned a lawnmower, but it’s not very good. Seriously, the only way you can adjust the height is by removing the wheels and attaching them to a different hole. You could say that it just isn’t going to cut it anymore (I am so, so sorry).

Anyway, who cares about that. Most exciting purchase: new laminator! I’ll be honest, my school has a pretty good laminator, so I really didn’t need to buy one myself. But I like the idea of being able to get stuff done at home. Yes, I really am so lazy that I’ll avoid the two minute drive it takes to get to school if I can.

And really, it was there in the shop and no-one was there to tell me I shouldn’t buy it. So I did.

A new toy means testing it out first chance you get. So I finally got around to making my Continuous Probability Distributions posters. These are a follow up to the Discrete Probability posters I blogged about previously.


If you want to edit the document, you’ll want the font Matiz.

I put together this geogebra file to make the graphs. I didn’t really put much effort into tidying up the file, but someone might make use of it.