About Me

I’m Shaun, a math teacher in a small high school in Oklahoma, USA. This year I’m teaching Algebra 2, Geometry and Statistics. This blog and website are a place to collect my thoughts about math and education, and share any ideas or resources I create.

I previously taught for six years at the rural P-12 school in Victoria, Australia that I attended myself as a student. During that time, I taught Maths to year seven, nine, ten and twelve (VCE Mathematical Methods in that final case.) I also taught VCE Physics and Information Technology (now called Computing), as well as other science and computer classes.

I loved my old school and my old home, but moved in 2016 to marry Sarah, who’s also math teacher, blogging at mathequalslove.blogspot.com. If you haven’t checked out her blog, you really should, though since most of my traffic comes from her chances are you already have.